Jasminka Ruggeri was born on March 1980 in Bologna, Italy.

She moved with her family through Italy following her father career increasing her interest in the art and culture on "Belpaese".

At the age of 13 she attended the "School of Art" in Monza with excellent profit. In order to accomplish her artistic knowledge she took a Degree at "Academy of Art" in Brera, (Milano).

Following her curiosity and interest toward light and the whole world of light during 2004 she gained a Master in "Light design" in Milan.

Currently she lives and works in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Since 1997 she had the opportunity to expose her works and to participate on various painting contest, in Italy and in Mexico, finding gradually personal style and artistic dimension.

Her painting express deep meaning of body language: spatula, colors, volume and lights try to create figures which express a tiny line between body and mind playing a game of love in endless twisting of sentiment and emotion.

A new idea of classic arts where modern cuts are fused with old images, where the subject's color helps mightily to reach the same purpose: the expression of body language...